Hotel Rating Definition

Usually hotels are categories in 5 different types.

One Star *

Generally one star hotels are small, often 2 to 4 stories located near public transport. Basic room options, shared bathroom facilities in some cases. Aside from the bed, it will have very little other accommodations and decor. Usually it is a family owned business, warm and home like. A vending machine near the lobby where meals are self-served.


Two Star **

Hotels in this categories provide better quality facilities. Basic room options, TV and a fridge, a attached bathroom, cafeteria service or dining room area. Accommodations are more or less the same as one star hotels but there are few more services available.


Three Star ***

Have a spacious entry hall and reception area, in house cleaning service, also offer breakfast. Multiple room options, restaurant, gym facilities and conference room/ business facilities available. Usually located on or near main avenues and streets of the cities.


Four Star ****

Along with five start hotels, these will be the most luxurious within the classifications. Multiple room type options, restaurants and bars on site, business facilities, concierge services, swimming pool and recreation facility.


Five Star  *****

Most luxurious and costly accommodation. More often than not they are an attraction in and of themselves, as they will offer everything and anything you might need. Without having to step outside their doors. Some of its services would be private jacuzi in rooms, full service meals and drinks offered at any hour of the day and night entertainments such as pools, spas, gyms and much much more.


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